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to be built in the but was strongly teeth dental, cause tooth decay and develop. Improper dental care, frequent oral hygiene, the risk of tooth decay is huge. Bacteria in plaque in food and sugar in food starch or chemical effects cause teeth to be corroded by acidic substances, which will damage tooth enamel over time.
Cavities can feel clear, causing pain, bad breath, affecting sleep. Even painkillers no longer work. At this time, the pulp is affected by the bacteria through the wood to the neighboring part of the periodontal tissue causing inflammation and can create abscesses. Therefore, you need to go to the dentist as soon as possible to get effective treatment for cavities.
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suffer from dental diseases, in which, tooth decay and gingivitis are the most common diseases. Warning, when tooth decay is left untreated, it will lead to myelitis, then necrosis. Severe necrosis causes the jaw area to become infected, which can lead to dangerous blood infection or spread to the mediastinum.Tooth decay can occur in all ages from children to adults and elderly people. dental implants

When tooth decay will appear yellow and black on the surface of teeth or between teeth. The expression is painful, difficult to eat and if not treated promptly, the teeth will be eroded gradually from tooth enamel to dentin and eventually the pulp. When the marrow dies, it will lead to tooth loss.
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types of tooth decay: Tooth decay: this type is often found in children and adults, tooth decay is often found on tooth surfaces or between teeth; Root decay: the cause of formation is mainly due to age, when the age of the gums will drop and reveal the root parts. At that time, the root has no enamel layer to protect the exposed parts will be more prone to worms; Recurring tooth decay: Often rao vặt vé máy bay

formed around fillings and crowns, these areas are easy to form and accumulate plaque. When not cleaned will lead to tooth decay.Tooth decay causes serious effects, if not treated promptly, the teeth will be destroyed, the bacteria that cause tooth decay will kill nerve cells in the sensory nerves of the teeth. This can cause the formation of abscesses around the infected area, when trồng răng implant

it is necessary to conduct bone marrow, surgical or dental removal. The structure of unbalanced teeth such as weak enamel, crooked teeth, irregular growth, crowded teeth make it difficult to clean, when the teeth are cắm ghép implant


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