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According to the explanation teeth in Vietnam

According to the explanation teeth in Vietnam  ,It is therefore only possible to lose a tooth if the loss of front teeth results in loss of one tooth or loss of two orthodontic teeth in another. So when to lose the front teeth, how should we handle the best to regain the aesthetic appearance of the teeth? If a tooth is lost, it is best to re-implant the implant. Do not do need teeth because when the bridge to replant a missing teeth will be forced to grind to two healthy crowns on both sides. If two adjacent teeth adjacent to the bridge should not be used as it may have to grind 2-3 teeth and make the bridge to 5 teeth. But if you plant two Implant, the cost will be quite high. Therefore, if two implants cannot be placed, only one implant can be placed in combination with a 2 or 3 ceramic bridge. In case of two adjacent tooth loss, it is best to plant two implants.

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Causes of tooth swelling in the same

There may be many causes of gum disease in the same, however, there are two main causes are the following: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Symptoms of pain, swollen gums in the wisdom tooth gingivitis. This is a common complication when teething wisdom, the wisdom teeth do not rise completely but most hidden in the gums. Because wisdom teeth grow in the same, do not grow taller with other teeth but only marginally on the gums, causing a partial pressure on the gums to cause gingival inflammation in the joint and sore stretching, even the disease can recur. Again if not treated definitively. Severe disease may leak in the gums, causing difficulty in eating, living. Especially the oral hygiene is difficult to create conditions for bacteria to develop other oral diseases.

-The phenomenon of swollen gums in the end can also be caused by gingivitis, gingivitis means that when eating chewing, the teeth on the food to eat down the gum / gums to crush the food, making the gums Injured due to strong chewing force, plus hard food rubbing on continuously, should cause the gingival inflammation in the joint and sore gums very uncomfortable.

The treatment of gums swelling in the same

When you see swelling of the cheek, you should go to a reputable dental center to find out the cause and how to cure toothache effectively.

Usually, there are several ways to deal with gum disease:

– Wisdom teeth gums in line with the remaining teeth: The doctor will conduct anesthesia and trim the gingival part of the teeth to make the teeth grow normal. This method is quite easy, quick and painless so you can be completely assured. It should be noted that, after cutting the gums, you pay attention to oral hygiene clean, avoid accumulation bacteria cause other diseases. vietnam dentist prices

– Glaucoma in the wisdom teeth, the teeth are different: In this case, gingival tooth extraction does not cause the patient pain, gingival inflammation in the same has not been thoroughly treated. The only way to put an end to this condition is to reduce the wisdom teeth, because in addition to causing pain, wisdom teeth are more likely to cause dental disease dangerous. With prestigious dentistry, modern technology and a team of well-trained doctors, you can be assured of having your teeth extracted easily and quickly, minimizing the pain and complications.

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