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Breeze is the third person to the galaxy teeth in VIetnam

Breeze is the third person to the galaxy teeth in VIetnam, some drugs such as chlorhexidine, histamin, antihypertensive drugs, neurological disorders also cause tooth decay if used for a long time. Fluoride is a good protection against tooth decay, but if used in high concentrations, fluoride can easily damage the tooth enamel, making it brown or whitish on the teeth. Fillings It may seem strange that dental fillings are one of the causes of tooth decay. With the old dental technology, amalgam fillings or silver can stain and firmly attach to enamel yellow gold. Most fetal cases do not cause much pain or discomfort to the child. When infected, the fangs are white but the mucous membranes around the edges of the white spot will be red, swollen and even ulcerated due to trauma, which may have a mild fever. Very easy to detect  If there are signs of fungal infections that cause pain.

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Baby is calcium deficient Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

The main nutritional source of the baby around (6 months) is still breast milk. Generally, breastfed babies will be fully supplied with calcium. If the mother has a full diet of calcium, this is also the cause of slowing down the teeth. In addition, too much phosphorus absorption is also a risk of calcium deficiency. Because then the natural calcium absorption in the body will be reduced.

Once a child has been diagnosed with breast cancer, we should not be too worried. Without these signs, only good dental hygiene and monitoring, fangs will disappear in 1 to 2 weeks. This procedure is very simple, but it should be done quickly and accurately to avoid damage to the surrounding causing bleeding, child pain and psychological anxiety for young parents.

Prior to treatment, apply a small amount of anesthetic to relieve pain. Breast milk with very thin capsule and close to the mucosa, just use a sharp tool to tear the shell, the follicle will break free to release white or yellowish color, as thick as acne. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Baby is stunted

Babies with rickles are associated with decreased ability to absorb vitamin D in the baby. Food and sunshine are two of the natural sources of Vitamin D for the body. In particular, meat, fish, eggs, milk are more abundant vitamin D than vegetables, tubers. Folklore also has some tips for breastfeeding. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Pay attention to the full supply of protein and fat during the baby’s diet. You should add seasoning oil (or porridge) to your baby. Vitamin D is primarily supplied from sunlight and daily food, with over 80% of sunlight supply. The fact that you limit your baby to sun exposure or vitamin D deficiency is also a great influence on your baby’s physical development.

Causes of Slow Growing Teeth: The child is malnourished, malnourished 

The source of daily food and breastmilk do not provide adequate nutrients for the baby cannot develop a comprehensive body. Maybe your baby’s body is lacking in nutrients for growth, nutrients that make up the body’s energy or protective activity. vietnam dentist prices

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