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The wine is worm teeth in Vietnam

The wine is worm teeth in Vietnam. Canine: Includes 4 upper and lower jaw, close to the jaw, which tear the food. Sharp, long and very sharp. In many places, the canine teeth are spear shaped because they are shaped like spears. Teeth: Includes 8 upper and lower jaws, which function as bridges to tear and grind food. The teeth are cube shaped, the teeth divided into two fairly sharp and pointed. Depending on the case, the first two teeth in the upper jaw usually have two roots, the rest with only one leg. Dewclaws: Includes 6 and 7 molars, a total of eight of which have a primary function of crushing the food prior to delivery to the stomach. Jaw teeth usually have 2-3 teeth, large shape, strong. As soon as you notice signs of sensitivity, it is easy to be sensitive to external stimuli of the force or temperature. The smallest is the following expression:

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Gingivitis IS periodontitis or NOT?

How is Human teeth structure? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
In this article, we will learn about the structure of human teeth as adults. Mature teeth start replacing teeth when people are at age 12. At that time, the structure of human teeth consists of four groups of teeth: front teeth, fangs, teeth and molar.
Dental Teeth: Includes 8 teeth in the middle of upper jaw and lower jaw, which is responsible for biting food. Upper jaw teeth are larger than the lower jaw and they have only one root. The teeth are slightly flattened, the sides are thinning from the root to the bottom.

Periodontitis and gum disease are two different diseases. Beneficial gingivitis (gums) is attacked by bacteria, dark red, bleeding, when touched to see that the gum is not solid and tightened teeth. Periodontitis can be considered as a more severe stage of the disease, swollen gums, pain, pus-filled appearance, bad breath, tooth decay.

Asthma if not treated will become chronic, even transition to periodontitis. Periodontitis, if not treated, will cause bone loss in the tooth and teeth, causing tooth loss more and more, causing tooth loss. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Gingivitis can be treated with some mild antibiotic combined with toothpaste and mouthwash dedicated anti-tartar. In the meantime, periodontitis removes tartar, treat tartar at the root, then take some medicine to help teeth firm.

After gingivitis treatment, patients just need to maintain good dental hygiene is able to eat normal chewing, leaving no complications. In cases of severe periodontal inflammation, bone loss has not recovered, patients often need to maintain dental hygiene, vitamin C supplementation, tartar and dental visits regularly. If you have tooth loss due to periodontal bone need to perform bone grafts and implant dental implants or porcelain crowns. Dental tourim in Vietnam 


The periodontal area can be attacked by bacteria at any time, due to poor dental hygiene or hormonal changes, nutrition. As soon as the symptoms of bleeding, stomatitis, bad breath, gums change … you should immediately. In addition, the dentist should periodically check every 6 months for early detection of symptoms of decay, the most effective periodontal disease, prevention is always better than cure. vietnam dentist prices

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